Dec 15, 2010

14 Important Things to consider when you hire a SEO Company

Important Things to consider when you hire a SEO Company
SEO Companies have come a long way from being freelance work to professional business houses.
However, there are competent companies and not so competent ones.
You have to judge for yourself, before you sign up a contract.
Here is a list of 14 essential questions you need to ask the SEO Company or get clarification upon.

1. The number of years they have been in the SEO Marketing Business.
2. How well they rank for their own site. And how professional it looks.
3. The scope of Search Engine Optimization work.
4. Whether or not the company is only a Link Building Company
5. They provide you any verifiable client testimonials
6. Do they guarantee top results? Real Internet Marketing companies know that they cannot guarantee.
7. If they do PPC for you. Only Professional companies do this.
8. Will they do keyword research for you as a part of SEO Services or is it extra.
9. Any recurring fees even if you cancel the contract.
10. Whether the links they buy are permanent of any monthly fees is included.
11. Whether they employee different techniques for different Search Engines.
12. Any black hat techniques they might use. Caution!
13. It they charge for the number of links they may acquire. Not all links are same.
14. Their previous successful SEO contracts and if they can be verified in Search Engines like Google be an IT professional.

Oct 14, 2010

History of Zero

In contemporary mathematics, we have developed into familiar to zero as a number. It's hard to believe that most ancient number systems didn't include zero. The Mayan civilization may have been among the first to have a symbol for zero. The Mayas flourished in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico about 1300 years ago. They used the as a placeholder, in a vertical place-value system. It is considered one of their cultures greatest achievements.

The ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks alike had no symbol for zero. In Greek geometry, zero and irrational numbers were impossible. The Greeks made great strides in mathematics, but it was all done with a number system without zero. The Greek astronomer Ptolemy (ca. A.D. 150) was the first to write a zero at the end of a number. For this he used a circular symbol.

In ancient Babylonian history there was no use of the zero. In the later Babylonian or during the Seleucid period a special symbol, which was also used as a separation mark between sentences, came into use for a zero? There's a definite possibility that the Babylonians used this mark for a zero within a number, as early as the end of the eighth century B.C. Up until the time of Aristotle, there seems to be no evidence that the Babylonians ever regarded zero as a number. Aristotle discussed division by zero in connection with speed through a vacuum.

Throughout the Dark Ages, Western mathematics was held back by the Roman's traditional numbering system. The first to think differently was Leonardo Fibonacci. He was a merchant's son, born in the Italian city-state Pisa, late in the twelfth century. In Pisa, he studied the work of Euclid and other Greek mathematicians. When he was still a boy, he moved to the Muslim city of Bugia, in North Africa. There he examined leather and furs before they were shipped back to Pisa. Leonardo got an education in Arabic culture as he traveled around the Mediterranean to Constantinople, Egypt and Syria. He recognized that the Hindu-Arabic numerals, the numerals we use today, were superior to the Roman numerals he had grown up with in the West.

In the sixth century, mathematicians in India developed a place-value system. They introduced the concept of zero to keep their symbols in their proper places. In the seventh century, Hindu scholars introduced to Islam the ideas of zero and place-value. These ideas spread rapidly throughout the Arabic world. Six centuries later, Fibonacci was so impressed with the ease of Hindu-Arabic numerals that he wrote a book entitled Liber abaci.

The Pisan local merchants, the trading class, ignored Fibonacci book. They were wallowing in prosperity and did not want to be bothered with giving up Roman numerals and adopting a zero. Ferbonacci's mathematician friends liked the new number system and slowly over time gave up the Roman numerals. By the fifteenth century, the numerals were showing up on coins and gravestones. Western mathematics had emerged from the Dark Ages, and was flourishing into a new number system with a zero, the Hindu-Arabic numerals. The immediate advances in mathematics after that time are proof of the importance of, the zero.

Sep 29, 2010

Why you need search Engine optimization- 3 Reasons

More and more people are asking what search engine optimization is and what it’s all about. People who have websites either for Internet-based businesses or personal reasons all seem to understand that looking into search engine optimization as it’s called is a good idea, but not everyone seems to understand why.
Simply put, people all know how a well-built home is a good investment although only very few know how to build one properly.
It’s the same with search engine optimization; the sometimes complicated and ever-changing mathematical algorithms Google uses to rank the pages that fit any search description are encrypted and tucked away from all but the most savvy tech people, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few simple ideas that simplify the process so that business owners and recreational users alike understand why they need to hire the professionals who implement this technique.

1) Getting great business cards made up with just the right wording and graphics are all fine and well, but leaving them in the box they came in from the printer won’t get you any results. Having a professional website put together and just leaving it to its own devices on the web is the same idea. You need to work with the right content writer who understands how to use seo to alert the search engines every time someone searches for your goods and services. That’s the crux of how you get a better page ranking.
2) SEO is constantly changing to suit the changing web landscape. One of the biggest requirements is fresh content. You need to be sure that you’ve got a steady stream that alerts the search engines because they all look for fresh content and that’s the domain of the professional content writer because these experts keep on top of the tools of the trade like keyword placement and where the links go so you get the best results. Besides, most people don’t have the time to keep up with those demanding requirements.
3) Search engine optimization is not trendy. Unlike social media and even the latest trend toward using videos as a method to get some exposure, seo is like an anchor for all those other techniques because it deals directly with the frontlines in the Internet marketing battle—the message on your website. Regardless of whether you use the limited characters on Twitter or even Facebook, everything is pointing back to the foundation of your message which is the search engine optimized content on your website.
Sometimes when people see the leading words and phrases that light up and take you to another web page, they don’t always understand those conveniences are really part of the bigger search engine optimization picture and part of the researched and carefully laid out plans of a content writer that understands how to work these keywords and links to your best benefit.
When all is said and done, you need search engine optimization so that your website will get noticed and be able to compete on the web.

Sep 16, 2010

History and Birth Of Commonwealth Games

1891 - Founded by Astley cooper as a Festival. Initially a sporting contest amongst the countries of British origin aimed at combining sporting, military and literary events that would draw closer the ties and increase the goodwill and understanding of the Empire.
1911 - Termed as Festival of Empire. The games and coronation of His Majesty King George the Fifth was coincided. The games included field athletics, boxing, wrestling and swimming events. Initially a Silver cup 2’ 6” high weighing 340oz was presented to the winning country Canada.
1928 - Amsterdam No further development took place until 1928, when the Olympic Games were in progress in Amsterdam. The splendid feelings of friendliness between the Empire athletes at that Olympiad re-vitalized the idea for the revival of Empire meetings.
1930 - First official commonwealth Games at Hamilton. The events included field athletics, swimming, rowing, wrestling and lawn bowls. Great Britain pioneered.
1932 - Tenth Olympiad at Los Angeles. The British Empire Games Federation was constituted.
1951 - The federation was renamed ‘British Empire and Commonwealth Games Federation’.
1966 - Jamaica.
1974 - Christchurch, the federation was renamed as ‘Commonwealth Games Federation’.

History :
While the whole world is getting ready for the 2010 Commonwealth Games which will be held at Delhi, it is important to know about the history of the fascinating sporting event. This multinational sport event has a long history.
Considered as the second biggest sports event in the world after Olympics, the history of Commonwealth Games dates back to 1930s when the event was held for the first time. However, the concept of conducting a sports event like this trails back to1891.
It was Reverend Astley Cooper, who for the first time proposed for a common platform of sports for the members belonging to the British Empire. The underlying aim behind organizing for a sporting event like this was to increase better understanding and goodwill of the British Empire. The idea for organizing Commonwealth Games took shape during the Olympic Games of 1928. The first Commonwealth Games were held in Canada in Hamilton in the year 1930. The name of the event during that time was British Empire Games.
The first British Empire Games or Commonwealth Games were attended by 400 athletes coming from 11 nations. The name was changed to British Empire and Commonwealth Games in the year 1954. The year 1978 is witness to the final change in name from "British Empire and Commonwealth Games" to its present day name "Commonwealth Games." This world famous sporting event is held every four years and mainly involves the participation of the most talented athletes of the Commonwealth.
Presently there are 53 Commonwealth of Nations members. Out of the 71 teams, which individually participate in this event, only six teams have participated in all the Commonwealth Games that include nations like England, Australia, Scotland, New Zealand, England and Wales.
Commonwealth Games is often known as 'Friendly Games'. Some of the sports included in this grand sporting event include swimming, water polo, aquatics, diving, athletics, basketball, table tennis, shooting, weightlifting, fencing, boxing, rugby sevens, hockey, cycling, netball, squash, triathlon, badminton, synchronized swimming, bowls and gymnastics.
While Australia has scored the maximum number of times in the Commonwealth Games for ten games, England is the second highest scoring team for seven games; this country is followed by Canada for one.

Approved sports in CWG:
Gymnastics (Artistic and Rhythmic)
Field Hockey
Lawn bowls
Life saving
Rugby sevens
Synchronized swimming
Table tennis
Tenpin bowling
Water polo