Aug 24, 2010

SEO Gyan

SEO the term which was not familiar yesterday but today it’s a big name, because the word internet is more popular than yesterday & SEO has very deep relation with internet. Today internet is one of the basic needs of people & SEO is the basic need of those internet users who have professional relation with internet. In light mood, SEO means Search Engine optimization but the real meaning of SEO is to optimize a website to make them visible & generate more and more traffic as well as visitors.


  1. I got your blog through search engine and read your posting,,, i must say you have very depth knowledge regarding SEO, now i am waiting for your next posting.
    D Rampal

  2. I appreciate you for your knowledge and way of describing SEO

  3. Imam, this is really Good work!

    Thanks for your comments on Araria blog.

    Talk soon