Aug 27, 2010

Materialism- Short term long time

The title is really confusing, but the meaning of title is really interesting. Today the life is very short because due to globalization, every thing is at our door step but one thing which was near to us is now unavailable that is PEACE in our life. Now there is no peace in our life today as we all are running towards those things which has no meaning at all, but we are facing long and long problems to get those things. We are running to earn money to get luxuries in our life and even if we get those luxuries, still we are running,,,,,,,,,,,,,, why, to get some other luxuries.

Hahahaaha,,,,,,,,,,,, to get short term luxuries, getting long term tension is not a bad idea sir. Materialism has destroyed the real peace of our life. Now a days every body is materialistic and shares emotional relation with those things which are emotionless. Those who needs emotion are dying to get emotional support but we don't have time for them.

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